We take vintage china, especially those with floral patterns, out of dusty cabinets in the Kansas City Metro area and put them to work as tiered trays.

Why store in a cabinet something that could bring beauty to the everyday experience?

Old china can be used for a lot of things! Tiered trays can, of course, display cupcakes but you can use them as centerpieces loaded with flowers at an event, as jewelry stands, as tea party servers…these vintage beauties have been around for a lifetime.  If you can think of a use, they can do the job.

Because I am a green thumb type, my favorite old china will always be pieces that have roses or floral patterns in general. Our shop, HighfieldWildRose.etsy.com, was named in reference to the 27 rose bushes I’ve planted in our not so large garden. It’s a little wild but we love them and the roses give our yard personality. Why be cookie cutter?

When we’re not working on Tiered Trays for Special Days I enjoy spending time with my husband, dog, and three chickens. I’m Savanah and I’m happy to meet you!



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